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GREG GUTFELD: The great Joe Biden dementia scandal is suddenly ‘getting the clicks’ from the general audience

Remember Harvey Weinstein, the sex fiend? So awful. He stood out in an industry where pepper spray is a condiment. Remember what he first said when accused? 

Weinstein said that if you forgave him, his mission would be to send Donald Trump into retirement. He thought that would deflect us away from his depravity. It was a depravity, we found out later, all of Hollywood knew about but ignored, like my script for Bridget Jones' Diarrhea. So either the Weinstein accusations were going to blow up, or Harvey was going to cover his a** with enough Trump hate to beat the rap. 

If it had been up to the media, he would have succeeded. But there were just too many victims and they were talking loudly. Doesn't that sound exactly like what's happening now? Like that scary dog your whole neighborhood hated? 

The Biden dementia story has escaped the yard barking and leaving a trail of poop behind it. And once again, Trump hatred is the weapon of mass distraction. What a sanctimonious phony anyway. So you see the Weinstein strategy. We must beat Orange Hitler to permit Joe's awfulness and senility.

Will it work this time? Nope. Confidence in Joe from Scranton is fading like the spray tan on his pinched, empty face. And now, just like Hollywood covering for Harvey because they gain from it. We see that our media has been covering for Joe sagging a**, and theirs too. While Joe disintegrated.

Those of us who called out Joe's incapacity were denigrated or ignored, like Jesse Watters at a nude beach. Meanwhile, The Times, Washington Post, Axios and all the others obsessed on a flag outside Justice Alito's house or endlessly bombarded us with Russian collusion tales and lawfare tales of Jan. 6 insurrectionists. What do all these tales have in common? Trump hate, as distraction.

To the left, it's a giant scandal vaccine. Just keep injecting Trump as Hitler into the narrative and you can cure any bad publicity for the left. The side effect is you lose your hair. But suddenly, now a shocked media is running with this story full blast. After ignoring that, Joe ran his 2020 campaign from his basement that he regularly called a ‘lid’ at 11 a.m. Back in 2019, we saw pictures of his note cards with pre-submitted questions and answers from reporters.

Now, videos once dismissed as right wing cheap fakes are shown as proof by the very same media outlets. But before the debates, they were as bogus as clips of Dana Perino being nice to orphans. True, our president hasn't been running this joint for the last four years, and the media still isn't interested in asking who has. It hasn't been Kamala. She reads to children and their literacy scores drop. The reason for this, I call it award porn. The media learned quickly that to win awards, do nothing but exposes on Trump, and they were handing out Pulitzers for Russiagate exposes like they were shots of Ozempic in 'The View's' green room. But you never win awards for exposing Democrats. That would be like a vampire biting the neck of another vampire. 

Meanwhile, the biggest DC scandal of our lifetimes, our president is vegetable adjacent, has been ignored for years. Instead, we got heaping helpings of climate change, police malfeasance, diversity in the military and gender. So why is the media now suddenly feeding on Joe's carcass like Nancy Pelosi on a hijacked blood mobile? Because once the story escaped their electrified fence and ran free in the wild, it became a money maker.

The great Joe Biden dementia scandal is suddenly getting the clicks from the general audience, unlike the red soy meat the media usually feeds their left wing base. So now they're just not covering their a****, they're covering their mortgages. So, as our crack reporters tried desperately to paint themselves as noble investigators, they're also trying to get us to believe that Democrats are heroic for turning on Joe.

But you're not a hero when you're caught lying. That's why I had to give back all my BET awards. Suddenly the media, the dems, are all truth tellers. Even Jerry Nadler is questioning Joe's fitness, and he looks like a parade float with a slow leak. Let's not forget the other hoaxes: Fake laptop, Russian collusion, fine people. The media didn't see them as hoaxes because they made them. Well, we didn't miss them. As the old saying goes, I'm the guy doing his job. You must be the other guys.

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