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3 reasons why Apple should buy Manchester United

FIFA World Cup tournament continues in Qatar as the group stage is not completed yet. Some teams already know they did not qualify for the next round, others still fight, and surprises exist.

With the world focused on the tournament, news came out that Manchester United (NYSE:MANU), the famed British club, is for sale. But the big surprise here is not the sale of the club, but who is one of the bidders – non-other than Apple, the giant US corporation.

The price tag (GBP 5.8 billion) might scare many bidders, but Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is one company that affords it. If the transaction goes ahead, Manchester United will become the most valuable team in the world, surpassing even Real Madrid.

So should Apple buy Manchester United?

Manchester United is the most popular Premier League club on social media

Social media is crucial for the popularity of many brands. Manchester United is such a brand, with over 170 million followers.

Indeed, the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese star with 500 million followers on Instagram, weighs, but Manchester United has a chance to start over under new management.

Old Trafford is the Premier League’s biggest stadium

Old Trafford is the biggest stadium in the Premier League, with close o 75,000 seats. For over two decades, the attendance has been over 99% on every game.

Football will cement Apple’s brand

Apple’s brand gained worldwide recognition through its products and services. So why would it need to invest so many billions in football?

In doing so, Apple has the chance to cement the brand. Moreover, Apple diversifies from its core business by expanding into football.

At first look, Manchester United might not be attractive to a bidder. After all, the club has an operating loss of GBP 109 million a quarter.

Moreover, the infrastructure is old and needs heavy investment.

But if there is one company that affords such an investment, it is Apple. By entering the exciting world of football, Apple would put its brand on global display.

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