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Sharpton’s National Action Network salary nearly doubles, spending big on private jet flights: report

Rev. Al Sharpton saw a financial windfall over the last year, according to tax filings from the National Action Network. 

Sharpton, president and CEO of the organization, received $348,174 in pay through 2021, according to tax filings obtained by the New York Post.

He also received bonuses that totaled an additional $278,503, as well as $22,117 in benefits. That was a significant bump in compensation for Sharpton, who was paid a total of $347,183. 

NAN also paid out nearly $1 million on private jets and limos for Sharpton in 2021, according to tax filings.

'Some of it was me. Some of it was the chairman. Some of it was victims’ families,' Sharpton told The New York Post.

Sharpton told the Post that every flight taken for the non-profit was reimbursed by a donor. 

NAN, based in Harlem, was founded by Sharpton as a social justice non-profit in 1991. 

The group retains three of Sharpton's relatives on the payroll — his daughters, Dominique and Ashley, received $78,670 and $59,950 salaries, respectively. Sharpton's niece, Nikki, was paid $15,800 for work on special events.

NAN took in $7.3 million through 2021. That was a decline from the $11.1 million taken in during 2020 following the murder of George Floyd. 

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