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Fox News Voter Analysis: Economy the top concern of most voters by far

It’s election night, and we’ve been asking voters around the country, more than 100,000, how they voted and why. This is our first look tonight at our new method to analyze their decisions, our Fox News Voter Analysis.

The top concern to voters tells the story of this election.

Nearly half, 47%, say the economy is the most important issue facing the country.


That’s nearly five times as many as any other issue, such as abortion (10%), immigration (9%), climate (9%), crime (8%), health care (7%), gun policy (6%), foreign policy (2%) and coronavirus (2%).

The highest numbers are in Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Oklahoma, where about 6 in 10 say, 'it’s the economy, stupid.'

And with inflation at a 40-year high, whom do voters blame?

Just more than half point to President Joe Biden’s policies (54%), while nearly half say it’s outside his control (46%).

In Ohio, Democrat Tim Ryan is distancing himself from Biden, while JD Vance was endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

Yet, roughly equal numbers of Buckeye voters think Ryan supports Biden too much (48%) and Vance supports Trump too much (41%).

Finally, with midterms a referendum on the president, one-third of voters say they're falling behind financially — twice as many as felt that way two years ago.

Check back for more Voter Analysis insight throughout the night from Fox News.

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