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Pennsylvania voters reveal how the Oz-Fetterman debate will impact their vote

Pennsylvania voters shared differing opinions on how heavily the debate between Dr. Mehmet Oz and Lt. Gov. John Fetterman influenced their vote ahead of Tuesday's midterm election.

'It did,' one woman, Yahneinpolor, told Fox News. 'Because when they asked Fetterman a question, he continued to just not say the right answer.'

But another woman, Karen, said 'not at all.'



'He had a stroke, which everybody knows, and I also don't know that he was the best debater anyway,' she said. 'While Dr. Oz certainly is a skilled television personality, his answers were not particularly appealing to me.'

More than half of registered Pennsylvania voters said the Oct. 25 debate factored into how they'd vote in the Senate race, according to a Nov. 2 Fox News poll. Fetterman, a Democrat, suffered a stroke in May and consistently struggled to effectively communicate during his only debate against his Republican opponent.

'Ultimately, the debate's not going to change my vote,' one man, Jon, told Fox News. 'But it certainly made me more reluctant to cast my vote for Fetterman.'

Another man, Andrew, said 'the debate is only one small thing in the whole election campaign.' 

'So I don't think that's a total way to choose the candidate,' he added. 

Fetterman held a slight lead over Oz, 45%-42%, according to the Fox News poll.

'I just think that there's no room for moderates in the Republican Party anymore,' Lynn, a Fetterman supporter told Fox News. 'I want to protect my rights as both a woman to choose and my right to religious freedom.'

But Yaheinpolor supports Oz, even though she's Democrat.

The Republican candidate supports 'securing the life of children who are still in their mother's belly,' Yaheinpolor said.

To watch Philadelphians’ full responses, click here.

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